After your father leaves for war, tend the tree you planted together. A mini gardening sim about hope, loss, and resilience.

WASD to move
E to interact
Tab to view task list
Q to view inventory
Escape to pause


Garett Anderson: Programming, game design
Katie Dawkins (@dawky18): Narrative design
Jonathan Dearman (@jonnydeboy): Sound design, music
Ammaar F. (@cyclespx): Animation, sprite art
Nick Halim (@supremelysalt): Sprite art, cultural consultation
Kai Haughton (@KaiH258): Art direction, character design, character art
Gwen C. Katz (@gwenckatz): Production, narrative design, UI art
Guadalupe Martinez (@toastypitabread): Cutscene art
Sean Miller: Programming, game design

Development log


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Really touching game! The relationships between the player character and the others were developed really nicely. Especially loved the barter mechanic turning into an altruistic one where you don’t have to give anything in exchange.

The pacing did feel a little drawn out, and the day to day work could have used a bit more juice and variation to keep things interesting. Overall, a really nice narrative experience.

Really nice - a touching theme for a well-designed game.  You did great work with characters and background stories. I've found it a bit boring the day-to-day work but it indeed works well to add atmosphere. Congratulations

Charming and well-written, with surprising depth to the relationships and an interesting way of affecting them.

Bittersweet story. The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but without it, it would just be a dialogue story. Like 5ig0p, I didn't get to talk to any of the characters at the end, as I took care of the saplings first, which is a bit sad, as I would have liked to see how each of the storylines ended.

And having tried again, I noticed that there is no dialogue at the end. Would be a nice addition for a later update.

Pretty art and plenty of story. Unfortunately, the game crashed just as I had gotten the moon orchid seeds, but I'll play again and hope to get through the whole thing. Great work!

One of the best games this year

Ending is a little abrupt? Watered first, and didn't get to see if interactions worked. There was little time for reflection. Other than that, this would've won awards in the flash days. and should, now